Drone Rental Supply

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Our Office

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1229 South Shelby Street
Louisville, KY, 40203
United States


About Us

We started this business because we are enthusiast and believe there is a need for businesses to promote the safe and responsible use of "drones". We have over a decade of experience in the airline industry, and we believe the commercial drone industry has a bright future if we can educate the public about the value of these unmanned aerial vehicles.

We are more than just a business. We are passionate about connecting with drone users. We offer everything from training to maintenance, and much more. If you have any questions about anything drone related we want to hear from you.

What really gets us pumped up is new ideas. That’s why we have the Think Big Challenge. Go over and check out this great contest. All you need to enter is a great idea. You bring your imagination to us and we will supply the details.

Our office is located near downtown Louisville, KY, but to be honest, we are rarely ever in the office because we are out promoting the industry and growing the interest in aerial flying.